Procurement Modernization Update

Many of you are aware that UBC is in the process of renewing its core systems for Student, HR, and Finance (including Procurement). To help lay the foundation for the future, Financial Operations is working with faculty, staff, and students to identify and implement improvements to current procurement processes as a key component of the Procurement Modernization Project.

We have heard, and acknowledge, that our current procurement processes are not as easy or efficient as they should be. With an expenditure of $1 billion per year, it is important that we make it simpler to buy goods and services in a way that effectively leverages UBC’s purchasing power.

To keep you updated, the project team has prepared an overview of the Procurement Modernization Project, including achievements to date.

Financial Operations will focus on these immediate priorities in the next four months as it prepares for a long-term procurement technology solution:

  • Lean process improvements will begin to roll out, including increasing the RFP threshold from $50,000 to $75,000 before a competitive bid process is required, and piloting a new consolidated electronic form for requesting a purchase order to reduce turnaround times.
  • The OPT solution will continue to be enhanced and rolled out to additional faculties and users. This will support the automation of processes in the interim and will help prepare faculties and departments for a future system with workflow approval.
  • An evaluation process is ongoing to determine Workday’s fit for UBC’s requirements across HR and Finance activities, including Procurement. Workday demonstrations were held in November and a recommendation will be put forward in the coming months.
  • The project team will continue to identify strategic sourcing opportunities to establish preferred vendors and contracts to make buying easier and quicker and to effectively leverage UBC’s buying power. Negotiations with UBC’s credit card vendor will be finalized shortly as a first step.

Your support is appreciated as we continue to simplify procurement for the benefit of administrative units and UBC overall. If you would like to participate in future consultations on Procurement Modernization, please contact the project sponsor, Trish Pekeles.