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From a teaching perspective: Upgraded LASR 102

Sherry McKay, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA), shares her experience teaching in the recently renovated Frederic Lasserre 102 classroom.

Winter is Coming, and UBC is prepared

While you may only now be thinking about pulling your snow shovel out of storage, Building Operations and Facilities Management staff at UBC been planning for weeks for any winter weather event that may strike the campuses.

Grab a sweater and prepare for a cooler campus

From December 12, UBC will be slightly reducing campus building temperatures in Vancouver in order to conserve natural gas. Be prepared for a cooler campus and take appropriate action.

Jennifer Sanguinetti appointed Managing Director, Infrastructure Development

Jennifer joined UBC in 2014 as the Director, Project Services and since November 2017 has been Acting Managing Director, Infrastructure Development.

Bright Idea: Let’s create a promotional campaign to properly disposing of beverages to help avoid injuries and damage

A Bright Idea to create materials to remind students, faculty, and staff to properly dispose of beverages when they’re packing up. Soft drinks and hot drinks that are left in classes/theatre/offices can spill, damaging floors, which leads to expensive cleaning and repairs.

Bright Idea: Lets design our seating in public spaces to minimize damage to the walls

A Bright Idea to improve public spaces and decrease maintenance costs in cleaning, drywall repair, or painting by looking at how seating relates to the rest of the elements it interacts with (desks, walls, etc.).

Jodi Scott, Steven Lee, and Leanne Feichtinger form new Learning Space team

The Learning Space team within Facilities Planning, Infrastructure Development will work together with UBC IT Audio Visual and Scheduling Services to plan and manage all of the formal learning spaces at the UBC Vancouver campus.

Bright Idea: Let’s mentor students and benefit from the labour they can provide to campus operations

A Bright Idea to improve student learning by offering a unique (and eclectic) university experience by engaging students to become part of teams that support the university’s operations and initiatives.

Preparing for extreme weather at UBC

As we approach winter, please find enclosed information to help you prepare for extreme weather at UBC. Learn if classes or exams are cancelled or non-essential services are curtailed on your campus.

VPFO Team Newsletter: October-November 2018

Risk Management Services updated UBC’s Emergency Response Plan and launched a brand new Crisis Management Plan, as well as publishing tips for staying safe this winter. Financial Operations successfully completed the first pilot project for their important Service Delivery Model initiative. And Building Operations hit national headlines as they rolled out a new fleet of floor-cleaning robots on the Vancouver campus.