Joshua Wauthy accepts new Utility Systems Specialist position with UBC’s Energy & Water Services

Joshua Wauthy is moving into a new Utility Systems Specialist position with Energy & Water Services. Joshua will be responsible for developing optimization opportunities for existing utility systems, energy efficiency, and water conservation projects as well as business case development for new utility infrastructure and systems.

Joshua brings significant analytical and engineering experience to Energy & Water Services. Most recently, Joshua was an Energy Conservation Engineer with the Energy & Water Services Energy Planning and Innovation team. Prior to UBC, Joshua worked in Malawi, Africa developing much needed biogas opportunities for local villages. Prior to that Joshua worked for several leading engineering companies as a Mechanical Engineer both in the Oil Sands and Pulp & Paper industries. Joshua holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and a Mechanical Engineering degree from UBC.

Joshua’s communications skills, professional approach, and ability to connect with Engineers, Operators, Trades, peers and consultants alike will be an excellent fit for the team.