8-week pilot of new Facilities Manager support role begins

UBC Vancouver’s Facility Managers are available help UBC faculty and staff with any building-related problems and to serve as their connection to the range of custom services provided by Building Operations and other related facilities teams.

The Facilities Managers have collectively identified a few areas they would like to improve or optimize, including  improving how we respond to customer requests. The data shows that responding to basic customer requests for follow up often does not happen expeditiously or consistently.

To help address this concern, over the next 8 weeks, Building Operations will be running a “Facilities Manager/Customer Support” pilot. The purpose of the pilot is two-fold:

  1. To better support our customers in following up on requests for information, whether it be on the status of a service request, connecting customers to campus resources, or approving customer funded service requests.
  2. To document tasks that the FMs perform and determine whether a portion of FM work could potentially be managed through a support role in future in order to provide consistent customer service.

François Desmarais, an experienced facilities Manager, will lead this pilot on behalf of the FM team. As a result, you may hear from François as he follows up on service requests and general customer inquiries. He will keep the FM in the zone informed of the work in which he’s following up on. François will also attend meetings on behalf of FMs where appropriate. François will be documenting what we learn from this pilot and will be working with the FM team to develop future recommendations on how best to move forward.

If you would like to contribute to the feedback on this pilot, please contact Deb Capps, Facilities Operations Project Manager at deb.capps@ubc.ca.