UBC Aquatic Centre wins Global Architecture & Design Award 2018

UBC Aquatic Centre has won a Global Architecture & Design Award 2018 in the Sports and Recreation (Built) category.

In 2012, UBC sent more swimmers to the London Olympic Summer Games than anywhere in Canada and had the most successful swim team in the country. Meanwhile the explosive market-driven expansion of the University Endowment Lands and burgeoning Campus Community created the fastest growing youth and family population in the Lower Mainland. A new Aquatic Centre was required to meet the needs of both these groups; a high-performance training/competition venue and community aquatic centre within a single facility— all while engaging the Public Realm and contributing to campus life and the student experience.

The award recognizes how the Aquatic Centre’s design answers the architectural question: “How can the new aquatic centre effectively train Olympians, serve its community, and enhance the student experience. How can it operate ‘learn-to-swim’ programs while at the same time run a 1000 person swim meet?”

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