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Safety Practices and Awareness

This week’s incident at the West Parkade has left some of us reflecting on our safety practices and awareness. I would like to remind our VPFO community about some resources on campus to help you refresh your sense of safety.

Building Operations Labour Division now named Streets & Operations Support

Currently known as B.O.L.D, the name change more suitably represents the roles and responsibilities of this Municipal unit, supporting UBC across the Vancouver campus.

Dawn Jia Announced as President and CEO of UBC IMANT

In her role, Dawn will be responsible for the overall investment management of UBC IMANT’s portfolios, including the selection and oversight of institutional investment fund managers, and ensuring that UBC IMANT’s strategic and operating objectives are achieved.

Jenniffer Sheel promoted as Director, Municipal Services in Building Operations

Under Jenniffer’s leadership, the Municipal division will continue to proactively and cost-effectively manage the operations and maintenance of all assets on UBC Vancouver campus, creating enriching and inviting inside and outside spaces.

VPFO Launches Strategic Plan for 2019 to 2021

Leadership and people managers in the VPFO gathered on September 6th to hear about the strategic priorities for the portfolio for the next three years.

VPFO Team Newsletter: July-August 2019

As the summer draws to a close we’re getting ready for the energy and excitement of a new fall term. Staff from across the VPFO are gearing up for the new academic year with an exciting array of projects and announcements, including the completion of a new student residence, a funding announcement for the cutting edge Bioenergy Facility (BRDF) on the Vancouver Campus, and UBC’s first Campus Commuter Challenge partnership in the Okanagan.

Chris Freek Appointed as Director of Communications & Engagement for the VPFO portfolio

The VPFO is pleased to announce that Chris Freek will be expanding in his role as part of the Executive team for the VPFO portfolio.

Carmen Raiche De Araujo promoted to Manager, Staff Engagement and Client Relations with Project & Planning Business Systems with Infrastructure Development

In her new role, Carmen will take on additional roles and responsibilities in business improvements, recruitment and onboarding, succession and resource planning, health and safety, office systems (such as furniture and equipment management), as well as time and absence tracking.

Janice Weigel Announced as Senior Director, Strategic and Operational Performance

Janice will work across the VPFO to analyze key operational performance metrics and determine how we can create and deliver synergies, both structurally and operationally. As we progress, she will take on additional responsibilities for continuous improvement across UBC.