An easy first step to get started with the strategic plan: update your email signature

As you read in our VPFO News: Special Edition, we have a new strategic plan. The VPFO website is now updated to feature the plan and our work across the portfolio. You can start to take part: review the new strategic plan, talk to your VPFO team and peers about how the plan could affect your work, and update your email signature to show how you’re part of the VPFO.

To support the launch of the VPFO Strategic Plan, all VPFO portfolio team members are encouraged to update their email signatures to align with the official UBC templates. It’s important to adhere to the UBC brand and maintain a common look and feel, both across UBC and our portfolio. Small touches like this are one easy way we can all show that we are part of the VPFO and UBC while being professional, helpful to others, and supporting the UBC common look and feel guidelines.

You should have two email signatures set up, a long one for new emails, and a short one for replies/forwards. This helps to save time by including contact information in every email without making email chains too long.

There is no “perfect, correct answer” for email signatures, the email signatures templates gives you both a standard template and some examples of special cases. While we can’t image every special case, the guide should help you on the right path to representing yourself, the VPFO, and UBC.

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