VPFO Gathers for Pink Shirt Day 2020

VPFO employees enjoyed cake and coffee at the events on February 26,

When you’re part of a 24-hour operations group, Pink Shirt Day is really an all-day event — and a perfect example to show how the VPFO enables UBC’s excellence because of the diversity of people we have and the inclusion of their voices at every level and in our every effort. Our staff gathered across UBC on February 26 in the morning, evening, and night for an opportunity to connect and talk about respect, diversity, and inclusion.

This is the second year the whole VPFO has taken part in the event, with Building Operations setting the trend back in 2018 by coming together for a series of conversations about respect in the workplace, which they capped with a department-wide celebration of Pink Shirt Day — the annual Canada-wide event symbolizing respect for the diversity of people and expression.

The USB atrium was packed with attendees showing their support for Pink Shirt Day.

“Pink Shirt Day is a great opportunity to reflect on how we can bring our commitments to respect, diversity, and inclusion to life,” says Vice-President, Finance & Operations Peter Smailes. “I believe that our portfolio’s greatest opportunity is to continue to find the common ground between each other; between our roles, our units and the academy we serve.”

Campus Security showed their support by wearing pink epaulettes on their shoulders.

This is not the end of the conversation. The VPFO will be forming a new diversity and inclusion committee to identify the best opportunities to continue to build the type of workplace we want. Voices and perspectives from across the portfolio will partner with the Human Resources team to build a framework for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the VPFO for the next several years. If you would like to participate in this committee please contact Arvind Kang by March 20, 2020 at arvind.s.kang@ubc.ca.