UBC’s National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism: Have museums sidelined Asian history?

To raise awareness of the two-day National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism in Canada on June 10 and 11, UBC has created a series of videos where prominent Asian Canadians and allies share their perspectives on anti-Asian racism.  

Dr. Viviane Gosselin, Curator of Contemporary Culture at the Museum of Vancouver, discusses the role of museums in shaping the histories of Asian Canadians. 

In addition to learning about our past with racism and oppression as a country, it is also important to broaden your perspectives and understanding of the lived experience of historically marginalized communities, and interact with people who differ from you in terms of race, ethnicity, and culture. 

Recognizing that differences and similarities exist between cultures and actively building an understanding of other cultures are key to creating a culturally safe community. 

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