Voting in Canada 

This week, we talk about the history of voting in Canada and ways to navigate political conversations.

On September 20, 2021, we go to the polls to elect our next federal government representatives and parties. The right to vote in Canada has evolved over time and for many marginalized groups voting was not a right until the nineteenth century.

Voting Rights in Canada: A Select Timeline 

To learn more about our voting history and the democratic election process in Canada, please visit the YouTube video presented by Historica Canada.

As the election grows closer, we may experience, or hear, more discussions around leaders, parties and platforms. These conversations can be really fruitful or may be uncomfortable. It is important to be respectful and effectively listen. This will help guide when to continue or end the conversation.

8 simple phrases can help you avoid awkward political conversations at work 

For tips on how to effectively talk about politics in the workplace, please refer to this CNBC article.