Strategy 2020

The VPFO strategic plan is constantly being refined and tightly integrates with the UBC strategic plan.

Vision: We enable greatness

Goal: To Develop Financial Capacity


  • To identify and promote additional sources and opportunities for revenue growth.
  • To identify and promote opportunities for cost savings across campus.
  • To identify opportunities to strengthen working capital (liquidity) in order to finance University priorities.

Goal: To Develop a World Class Campus


  • Development of new Facilities and Infrastructure to meet the strategic priorities of the University.
  • Operate buildings and property through best practice life-cycle management and maintenance.
  • Ensure that UBC continues to be a global leader in the sustainability of our campus.

Goal: To Deliver Operational Excellence


  • Obtain information and data about the relative effectiveness and efficiency of services.
  • Commence reviews of services to evaluate opportunities for transformation and improvement.

Goal: To Support Responsible Management


  • To provide information, advice and analysis to foster enhanced decision making.
  • To ensure policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure best practices, and an appropriate control environment.