The UBC Endowment contributes to the university’s mission of academic excellence by providing financial support for research and teaching.

About the Endowment

Endowment investments are managed prudently for future generations. This long-term view provides for financial returns indefinitely for the university.

Individual & Group Donations

These donations allow individuals and groups to contribute to the things they care about most, in perpetuity.

Land Endowment

The Land Endowment provides funds to support research, capital infrastructure, employee loans and student housing projects.

Responsible Investment Policy

The Responsible Investment Policy ensures environmental, social and governance principles are integrated into UBC Endowment investment decisions.

Divestment Proposals

UBC has a clear framework to decide when divestment will be considered. This section highlights current and past divestment proposals.

Sustainable Future Pool

UBC is committed to sustainability in investment and has been internationally recognized for its commitment to sustainability. The Sustainable Future Pool takes this commitment one step further and was established to test, validate and research investment strategies that specifically aim to materially lower carbon emissions and avoid fossil fuel holdings.

Endowment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the UBC Endowment and the Responsible Investment Policy.