Operating Fund Expenses

The following section represents the actual spending for the 2015/16 operating year. This is different from budget numbers, which project future spending.

There will always be variances between actual revenue and expenses. In 2015/16, the operating revenues exceeded expenditures by $22 million. This surplus represents 1.3% of total revenues. In any given year these variances will increase or decrease reserves.

Funds are managed locally and generally remain in the Faculties and Units, once allocated.

* All expenses figures capture both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan.

Operating expenses of the Faculties, including salaries and benefits of faculty and staff, teaching support for students, some capital expenses, equipment purchases and supplies.

The cost of providing user-pay services on campus, including student housing, food services, the bookstore and parking.

Services including the UBC Library, IT, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Building maintenance costs including repairs, utilities, waste management, landscaping, plus insurance and campus security.

The cost of scholarships and bursaries not funded from external donations or endowments.

Administrative services, including Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Payroll and Procurement.

The cost of supporting UBC research through functions such as strategic research planning; services for UBC researchers including project development and grant applications, contract negotiation, ethics approval, technology patenting and commercialization, publishing through UBC Press, and financial management and reporting; and support of research facilities such as those for animal care.

Support for students, including health, counselling and career development.

Cost of engaging with alumni and donors, including fundraising.

Activities that support the relationship between the University and the community.