Operating Fund Revenue

The operating fund revenue provides nearly all of the money for day-to-day expenses for teaching and operations. This fund also includes some support for research.

* All revenue figures capture both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan.

The annual provincial operating grant.

Student tuition and fees.
B1: Domestic students — $213 M
B2: International students — $189 M
B3: Graduate students — $64 M

Revenue from services provided on campus, including student housing, food services, the bookstore and parking.

Billings by Faculties to cover extra costs, for example, the cost of clinical faculty in the Faculty of Medicine.

Interest earned on cash balances held by the University.

Contributions from corporations and foundations to cover a portion of the University’s indirect costs of research, plus the federal grant to cover a portion of indirect costs associated with Tri-council research.

Revenue from items such as ancillary dividends, General Municipal Services Levy (GMSL), and sundry leases.