Newsletter Archive

This is an archive if the discontinued VPFO Newsletter for past articles and info. You’ll find each month’s issue descending date order (newest to oldest). As the issues get older, some links to other UBC websites and resources may no longer work as items are archived or deleted.


VPFO Team Newsletter: January-February 2019

Read about our campus snow team and how they work to keep the campus safe for students, faculty, and staff. Also note the Quick Update on what will happen at UBC in the event of an extreme weather alert. The finance departments have assembled a one-stop year end dates list for your reference. As well, our T4s are coming soon and, if you're not getting yours online already, now is a great time to log into the self-service portal and make your process a lot quicker this year. Also, don’t miss the save the date for Pink Shirt Day 2019. Building Operations is hosting the VPFO portfolio on February 27.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: October-November 2018

Risk Management Services updated UBC’s Emergency Response Plan and launched a brand new Crisis Management Plan, as well as publishing tips for staying safe this winter. Financial Operations successfully completed the first pilot project for their important Service Delivery Model initiative. And Building Operations hit national headlines as they rolled out a new fleet of floor-cleaning robots on the Vancouver campus.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: September 2018

In this issue there are a lot of events on offer, especially RMS's annual ShakeOut on October 18th and the UBC Travel Fair on the 30th. Make some time in your calendar to review your personal emergency preparations and sharpen up your Bright Idea for a better VPFO.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: July-August 2018

Hear an introduction from Peter Smailes, our new Vice-President, start to gather your bright ideas to make the VPFO a great place to work, and get to know Finance and Operations in the Okanagan.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: May–June 2018

This issue we're featuring some of the VPFO's big transition projects as well as Risk Management Services, Vancouver. RMS holds the functions that ensure that the university identifies and manages risk that could affect the university's academic mission.

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