Newsletter Archive

This is an archive if the discontinued VPFO Newsletter for past articles and info. You’ll find each month’s issue descending date order (newest to oldest). As the issues get older, some links to other UBC websites and resources may no longer work as items are archived or deleted.


VPFO Team Newsletter: April 2018

This edition we're featuring Building Operations. At the UBC Vancouver campus they're the people who operate, maintain, and repair most of the campus assets to enable greatness among our amazing faculty, staff, and students.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: March 2018

This month we’re featuring the Comptroller unit, which does a lot of the heavy lifting as we transition between financial years and put our new budget and its associated plans into place.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: February 2018

This month we’re featuring our Energy & Water Services unit, which is responsible for managing the costs of these services by directly controlling the maintenance, operation, and capital upgrades of the associated utilities infrastructure on campus. We’ll also look at Treasury’s one-person Tax department, as well as sharing the story of UBC’s first collaborative lecture theatre, Hennings 200, which is enabling a new way to teach in the lecture theatre format.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: November-December 2017

This month we're featuring our Treasury department, which is responsible for the guardianship of financial assets, debt issuance, and the re-lending of working capital to UBC departments and faculties (and so much more). We also look at a new Snow Annex to the Emergency Response Plan that Building Operations and RMS have created and visit our United Way Haunted Power House and one of its masterminds, Richard Hugli.

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VPFO Team Newsletter: October 2017

This month we're featuring Infrastructure Development, which is responsible for the planning, development, renewal, and renovation of campus facilities at both UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. Also, don't miss your chance to win a free flight from Canada to the continental USA on WestJet with Financial Operations' UBC Travel.

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