Why UniForum@UBC?

Across UBC, in central services teams, Faculty offices, and within departments, people are striving to support faculty and students in the delivery of our academic mission.

This is no easy task. In a large, broad-based, and complex organization, such as UBC the structures and processes we have today may have evolved over many years—sometimes even decades. We now have a great opportunity, through a program known as UniForum, to consider how we might enhance not only the outcomes of our service delivery, but also the satisfaction of both the academic and student community and those providing services.

UniForum is an annual data collection process, which will help us to better understand—at an organizational level—how we deliver which services, where those services are, and how those services are most-effectively aligned to our academic mission of teaching, research, enhancing the student experience, and community engagement.

The UniForum program will also allow us to benchmark against other universities of similar scale and complexity, and develop best practices from experiences across participating institutions.

The information we gather will be a resource for many conversations to come, not an answer in and of itself. The best decisions will require meaningful conversations about the information we gather and how we can use it to best support our learning, work, and the strategic priorities of UBC.

In the fall, we will begin a series of conversations to explore what the data suggests and how it can be used.