Communications Research

From time-to-time VPFO Communications conducts research into both satisfaction with and effectiveness of  Communications within the portfolio.

VPFO Internal Communications Survey (2017)

An online survey of staff in the VPFO portfolio was conducted to better understand what practices and challenges exists, and to identify ways in which the portfolio can take a leadership position in implementing best practice internal communications at the university. This survey is based off of a survey developed by Internal Communications and Marketing Intelligence and run in 2015 across all of UBC and 2016 in VPER. This allows for benchmark comparisons with other units.

Download the survey results [PDF]

Department-level research

Building Operations Communications Snapshot (2014, 2016)

In September 2014, the Managing Director and Communications visited all 700 plus employees of Building Operations to learn about communications within Building Operations. Following that first face-to-face and survey research and plan was created and enacted. In 2016 Communications and the unit’s department leadership returned to re-run the process to gauge effectiveness of the communications improvements.

Visit Building Operations for the survey results


Financial Operations Communications Snapshot (2019)

In June 2019, the staff of UBC’s Financial Operations Department completed a survey to capture the employee experience of communications. This survey was based off of the research done with Building Operations, and will be similarly revisited following the implementation of initiatives to improve communications in Financial Operations.

Download the survey results [PDF]