Our Behaviours

Accountable leadership and teamwork

Every member of the VPFO should be accountable for their work, proud of their achievements and seek out ways to improve wherever possible.

Innovative, collaborative, inclusive and agile change agents

During the period of the Strategic Plan (2019-2021) we will go through a lot of change. We must work together to quickly overcome obstacles in inventive ways and bring all members of the team along on the journey.

Live and breathe safety and service

No task, no matter how big or small, is worth compromising safety. Our people are the most fundamental part of our organization and we must protect them at all times. We must always remember that other areas of UBC depend on the services that we provide, and strive to deliver for them every time.

Our behaviours are how we help UBC in its pursuit of excellence. They are the way we deliver our services and solutions and add value to the university. By employing them each day we ensure everyone at UBC has a consistent experience of the VPFO.