Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction 1
To deliver our best for UBC, inspire, recruit, develop and support people, through a unified VPFO culture.

  1. Identify and implement strategies from the Indigenous Strategic Plan.

  1. Build effective teams through the development of efficient recruitment and renewed on-boarding processes.
  2. Develop leaders to engage and inspire their teams.
  3. Celebrate the achievements and successes of our teams through staff recognition programs.
  4. Support our teams’ current and future needs through career conversations and staff planning.

Strategic Direction 2
Advance our culture of service, stewardship and continuous improvement.

  1. Utilize a methodology to evaluate impacts and outcomes of key decisions to guide prioritization.
  2. Develop clear roles and responsibilities to guide accountability.

  1. Develop our core service level requirements to manage service delivery expectations.
  2. Establish a stakeholder engagement strategy to improve and expand VPFO initiatives.
  3. Facilitate consistent, integrated internal & external communication systems and channels to effectively serve our business needs.
  4. Increase cross-portfolio cohesion, clarity, and collaboration through enhanced communication planning and establishing communities of practice to further service delivery.

  1. Create an end-to-end culture and practice of continuous improvement and innovation by adopting the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.
  2. Develop work arrangements based on the UBC flexible work plan and optimize our campus footprint.

Strategic Direction 3
Enhance our sustainability and financial accountability.​

  1. Improve sustainability and reduce GHG emissions on campus and within the endowment by developing department-level plans.

  1. Optimize our processes to support regulatory/compliance requirements and enhance accountability.
  2. Optimize our investment in systems to gain efficiency and support our people.

  1. Balance our budgets by developing a plan to eliminate deficits by implementing operational efficiencies, adjusting service levels, or increasing or reallocating revenues/funding.
  2. Implement monthly financial statements and improve accuracy of financial forecasting for the university. ​
  3. Review and manage institutional risk relevant to the VPFO.