Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities

Inspire Great People

We have great people at all levels of the VPFO and we want to retain that talent, nurture and develop it, and offer engaging ways to apply it at UBC. We need a diverse mix of people and opinions to bring different perspectives to the table, and we must provide a safe working environment that allows all our team members to flourish.

Deliver on Systems Renewal

To operate effectively, it’s essential to have the right tools in place. We want to ensure we’re providing the systems we need to succeed. Once the right tools are in place, it’s equally important to properly embed them, so they continue to provide value into the future.

Provide Inspiring Spaces

As a team we create and maintain both physical, and digital spaces at UBC, and it’s important that these spaces further our academic mission while inspiring those that use them. We are custodians of UBC’s infrastructure and are instrumental in ensuring our campuses are safe, functional, beautiful and enable learning.

Lead Operational Excellence

Across our diverse portfolio we strive for continuous improvement. We need to truly understand why we operate in the way we do, as this will help us to identify areas where we can increase efficiencies in both our working practices and processes, and then act on our learning. This is about streamlining our operations to ensure we’re delivering on our great potential.

Our priorities provide a framework containing the objectives of our Strategic Plan, and they help contextualize the overarching aims of the VPFO. Progress towards achieving our strategic priorities is tracked by selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).