Key Projects

UBC is committed to continuous improvement to help the UBC community and the public through the excellence of our processes and systems. These are some of the core projects underway to help us to better understand our clients and services and to renew and build our supporting business systems.

Inspire Great People

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is part of the VPFO strategic plan. It is a process where we will examine what work we are doing, what skills we need, and what talent we have to help us plan for a successful future.

Deliver on Systems Renewal

Procurement Modernization Project

Financial Operations has heard from the university community that it can be difficult, manual, and time-consuming to make purchases and payments on time. We have developed a plan of action to improve procurement across the university.

Integrated Renewal Program

The Integrated Renewal Program is a multi-year business process transformation and system implementation program that will leverage the industry-leading cloud enterprise solution Workday to replace our current core administrative systems with a new integrated, user friendly, mobile-enabled platform.

Planon: UBC’s Enterprise Maintenance Management System Project

Planon will deliver a single unified platform and consistent processes for maintenance, inventory and asset management to achieve UBC’s strategic goals. The EMMS Project is a multi-year initiative.

Provide Inspiring Spaces

Upgrading UBC for Seismic Risk

Since 1994, UBC has been actively working with external engineering partners to assess, plan, and improve the Vancouver campus in preparation for a major seismic event.

Lead Operational Excellence


UniForum is an annual study providing UBC information about the distribution of services and activities that support our academic mission and its respective resourcing, which can be benchmarked against other leading universities around the world.

Privacy Matters

The Privacy Matters @ UBC initiative aims to increase the awareness of privacy and information security at UBC. Higher education institutions are often the target of data breaches, which not only affect the individuals whose personal information is compromised, but also the organization experiencing the breach.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is a process of incrementally improving work by enhancing processes or services that generate the most value, and by reducing or eliminating as many waste activities as possible.