About the Endowment

UBC’s endowment is valued at approximately $1.4 billion. The primary goal of the endowment is to provide financial returns to support the university’s academic mission, and to further UBC’s vision to create a learning environment that fosters positive global citizenship.

The university does not itself invest in specific companies or individual stocks and bonds. Rather, through the UBC Investment Management Trust (IMANT) it selects well established and performance leading external fund managers, primarily through pooled fund structures, which ensures lower administration costs and investment fees.

Seventy-five per cent of endowment funds come from individual and group donations, and UBC takes its fiduciary responsibility to these donors very seriously. Twenty-five per cent of the endowment is generated from a land endowment i.e. revenues earned from the development of new housing on UBC’s land.

Long-Term Goals & Investment Mix

The goal of the UBC endowment is to support the university’s academic mission in perpetuity. Because of this, the university necessarily takes a long-term view of its endowment investments.

Within its externally managed pooled funds, the investment mix is highly diversified, and includes bonds, domestic and foreign equities, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and hedge funds. For each asset class, the endowment is invested with portfolio managers selected for their performance, risk management, and alignment with the university’s objectives.

The responsible investment policy incorporates ESG principles into the selection and evaluation of asset managers.