VP Finance & Operations

The VP Finance & Operations Portfolio Provides Strategic Leadership and Support for UBC’s Academic Vision through Financial and Operational Management Excellence

Under the leadership of the VP Finance & Operations, the eight units in the portfolio are responsible for the stewardship of UBC’s physical and financial assets. This includes overseeing a $2.5 billion budget, as well as the $1.2 billion endowment, and all university facilities. The VP Finance & Operations also manages the university’s relationships with the UBC Investment Management Trust (IMANT) and UBC Properties Trust. In all the portfolio’s responsibilities, the VP Finance & Operations is committed to the values of accountability and transparency.

Andrew Simpson

VP Finance & Operations, The University of British Columbia

As one of the world’s leading public universities, it’s important to me that we provide a transparent and open window into our financial and operational performance.

This site delivers both an overview of the Finance & Operations portfolio (VPFO) as well as information to help you leverage my portfolio to enable greatness at UBC.

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