Policies & Guidelines

The Vice-President of Finance and Operations is responsible for the implementation of the Policies and Guidelines of the Board of Governors. While the Vice-President supports all Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines as described on the University Counsel website, the Vice-President is the responsible executive for specific policies as described below.

Responsible Executive:
VP Finance & Operations

Policy Number Policy Name
FM1 Late Payment Policy
FM3 Cash Handling Policy
FM2 Purchasing Policy
FM5 Endowment Policy
FM9 Term Investments Policy
FM10 Retained Risk Policy
FM11 Capital Projects Policy
GA4 Records Management Policy
SC1 Health and Safety Policy |  Health & Safety Reference Charts  (issued Dec 4, 2018)
SC2 Smoking/Vaping Policy
SC5 Snow Policy
SC9 Alcohol Policy
UP1 Communication Services Policy
UP4 Vending Machines Policy
UP3 Surplus Equipment Policy
UP7 Pest Control Policy


In Partnership with
Other UBC Executives


Policy Number Policy Name
FM4 Research Over-Expenditure Policy
FM8 Business Expenses PolicyBusiness Expense Rules
GA2 Regulatory Framework Policy
LR8 Technology Equity Policy
SC4 Environmental Protection Policy
UP9 Space Rental Policy
UP8 Signage Policy
UP5 Equipment/Services Use Policy



Policy Number Guideline/Policy Name
FM8 Business Expense Rules