VPFO Strategic Plan 2024–2027

Our lens

Having a strategic plan gives us a clear path, keeping everyone on the same page.

Here is where we’re going next—and how we plan to get there.

1. Innovation: Business Transformation
Enhance our safety, sustainability and financial accountability

Goal 1.1: Lead Finance transformation, maturity and accountability
  1. Reimagine both our budget and funding strategies
  2. Advance finance and accounting practices and their supports
  3. Improve stewardship through data management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reporting and forecasting capability and strategy
  4. Renew and align capital planning with UBC’s strategic vision, sustainability goals, and campus development priorities
Goal 1.2: Achieve excellence in campus environment, safety and sustainability
  1. Conduct a thorough assessment of campus environment, appearance, and functionality to identify areas for improvement
  2. Identify, review and benchmark critical safety and security measures, then develop and deliver on enhanced strategies
  3. Develop and implement sustainability initiatives for waste reduction, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation

2. Collaboration: Customer Service & Engagement
Advance our culture of service, stewardship & continuous improvement

Goal 2.1: Enable cross-portfolio planning
  1. Enhance cross-portfolio clarity and collaboration through improved planning processes
  2. Foster project management competency and maturity across divisions
  3. Reimagine our approach to cross-portfolio work intake to improve shared accountability and increase efficiency
Goal 2.2: Clarify our customers, services and service levels
  1. Establish a comprehensive engagement strategy with the necessary resources and tools to better understand and address customer needs
  2. Develop a robust customer experience strategy, including systems and processes, to enhance service delivery
  3. Transform our digital systems and channels into a cohesive and streamlined set of tools to facilitate university operations
  4. Partner internally and externally to share expertise and effectively manage service expectations

3. Inclusion: Culture Transformation
Inspire, recruit, develop and support people through a unified VPFO culture

Goal 3.1: Support our people
  1. Develop a unified, efficient and engaging recruitment and onboarding process
  2. Enhance leadership through a comprehensive learning and development program
  3. Build communities of practice to advance both our people and collaborative processes
Goal 3.2: Inspire our people through VPFO cultural norms and values
  1. Promote VPFO values through targeted, people-focused initiatives
  2. Foster trust and loyalty through the VPFO culture, values and brand promise
  3. Strengthen connections and create opportunities between the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses

What we do matters