Meet the Leadership Team

Together, the VPFO provides the university with prudent financial and operational stewardship and ensures UBC’s reputation as a world-class institution.

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Finance delivers on UBC’s commitment to financial accountability and transparency. Through its three units, Finance shares the University’s financial story, manages its cash, capital, contracts and compliance requirements, and runs the campus responsibly.

Yale Loh

Interim Vice-President, Finance
Yale oversees Comptroller, Financial Operations, and Treasury as well as overall responsibility for financial matters. He is responsible for supporting university-wide Treasury strategic initiatives on all UBC campuses and implementing strategic plans in cash and debt management and business contract management.

Matt Boydston

Interim Comptroller
Matt leads the university’s Budget and Financial Reporting Departments, which deliver budget oversight and financial reporting to the campus community, UBC’s Board of Governors, external stakeholders, and the general public.

Elana Mignosa

Associate Vice-President, Finance & Operational Excellence
Elana and her team support UBC by providing leadership, vision, strategy, and direction for the university’s Operational Excellence and Financial Operations functions, as well as co-leading the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) with the Chief Information Officer.


UBC’s operations and advising departments manage UBC’s physical assets and help UBC by building and operating the campus infrastructure, aligning the university’s operations and its strategic plan, and supporting the people of the VPFO to keep the portfolio moving forward. The departments set a rigorous standard for maintaining a world-leading education and research environment.

John Metras

Interim Vice-President, Operations
John oversees Facilities, VPFO Communications & Engagement, VPFO Human Resources, and Safety & Risk Services, as well as overall responsibility for operational matters of the VPFO.  

Rae Ann Aldridge

Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services
Rae Ann is responsible for Safety and Risk Services at UBC. In this capacity she supports the identification, assessment and management of all types of risk across the organization. She oversees the security of all our campuses, providing students, faculty and staff members with a safe environment in which to pursue excellence in research and learning.

Chris Freek

Director, Communications & Engagement
Chris leads strategic communications across the University of British Columbia's Finance & Operations portfolio to drive operational success while strengthening UBC's brand and reputation.

Parveen Mann

Director, Human Resources
Leading the HR team, Parveen provides operational strategic planning and ensures our people practices align with UBC and the VPFO’s strategic goals.

Finance & Operations Okanagan

UBC’s Okanagan campus’s rapid growth in a unique environment requires dedicated care and attention. Our Okanagan-focused finance and operations unit ensures UBC Okanagan can grow while maintaining strong coordination between all UBC campuses.

Robert Einarson

Associate Vice-President, Finance & Operations, Okanagan
Rob’s primary responsibilities include serving the Okanagan campus community and coordinating activities with the Vancouver campus. He leads a local team working in six key administrative areas including Finance Operations, Finance Strategies, Campus Operations and Risk Management, Information Technology, Campus Planning and Development, and Business Operations.