EDI Resources

Learn more about Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

UBC is working on EDI initiatives across the campus. Some resources are specific the VPFO, some are broad initiatives setting the direction for the entire university, and some are highly targeted work on a specific topic.

UBC EDI websites

UBC is developing many resources to help accelerate our work on equity, diversity and inclusion. These website capture some of the efforts across the university that can inform and support our work at the VPFO.

EDI Training

The VPFO Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee has produced a series of self-paced, free VFPO EDI canvas courses, available on UBC Workplace Learning (WPL).

EDI Glossary

As equity, inclusion and diversity work has become a more well researched and defined, several terms and concepts have become common. You will likely hear these terms throughout our EDI journey and will be encouraged to understand and use them to help frame and discuss our work.