VPFO EDI Governance

VPFO EDI Committee

The VPFO has formed diversity and inclusion committee to identify the best opportunities to continue building the type of workplace we want. Voices and perspectives from across the portfolio will partner with the Human Resources team to build a framework for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the VPFO for the next several years. If you would like to participate and engage with this committee please contact Arvind Kang at arvind.s.kang@ubc.ca or Jen Sheel at jen.sheel@ubc.ca.

Committee members


  • Arvind Kang
  • Jen Sheel


  • Gregor MacDonald, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Anna Grewal, Procurement Partner
  • Sean Lynch, Operations Manager
  • Joan Mar, Senior Finance Manager
  • John Mendes, Financial Analyst
  • Annie Mullins, Communications Advisor, Finance
  • Ana Policzer, Senior Facilities Planner
  • Linda Roseborough, Health, Safety & Wellness Advisor
  • Jose Teres, Construction and Planning Manager
  • Kimberly Tholl, Procurement Partner
  • Paul Gill, Manager Health & Safety, Faculty of Medicine
  • Robert Tremonti, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst
  • Shelley Kayfish, Director Campus Operations & Risk Management
  • Ali Mojdehi, Associate Director, Security
  • Erin Kastner, Geospatial Information Manager
  • Patricia Paz, Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant