VPFO Strategic Plan


Our strategic plan

The VPFO Strategic Plan 2022-2025 integrates with the UBC Strategic Plan to anticipate how UBC and its world will change, so we can adapt well in advance. By taking a long-term perspective, the VPFO can look beyond our current capabilities to make decisions based on progress we expect to make over the life of the strategic plan.

Our Vision

We work as one to enable excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Our vision statement defines our desired future state and provides direction for where we are going as an organization. It serves as a unifying focal point for everyone in the organization, Like a north star, it guides our future focus and shows where we are going.

Our vision of enabling excellence in learning and research emphasizes and connects us to UBC’s purpose — we will continue to build and develop the vital support to all areas of the university that makes UBC’s academic mission possible.

Our Purpose

We are trusted partners who balance service, risk, and value to continuously improve our delivery of professional services and solutions to our campus communities.

Our purpose is our reason for existing. It spotlights our skills and people and their alignment to the university’s mission.
It determines everything about us, from our structure and the members of our team to all aspects of our Strategic Plan.

Our Values


A profound and aspirational value: the quality of striving to be, and being, outstanding.


A moral value: the quality of being honest, ethical and truthful.


An essential and learned value: regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions.


A personal and public value: being responsible for our conduct and actions and delivering upon our respective and reciprocal


An integral value: the implementation of measures and practices to protect individuals from physical, mental and economic harm.

Treasury team meetings

Strategic Direction 1

To deliver our best for UBC, inspire, recruit, develop and support people, through a unified VPFO culture.

Team member presenting to others

Strategic Direction 2

Advance our culture of service, stewardship and continuous improvement.

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Strategic Direction 3

Enhance our sustainability and financial accountability.​


We are the VPFO

The VPFO is made up of diverse, excellent individuals doing important work to support the university. By spotlighting our strategic plan champions, we bring our strategy to life and tell the story of how VPFO teams drives the university forward through our new strategic directions. Read how our people are making our plans into reality.

Forecasting for a solid future

Raffaela Mendel, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

Raffaela works with her team to ensure a sound financial position for UBC for generations to come. Read more about what it's like working in a team as diverse as Treasury, what respect means to her professionally, and how she drives the university forward as an analyst, learner and connector.

Frontline heroes driving our campus forward

Jeff Georgilas, Utility Worker and Amber Velay-Mah, Patrol Officer

When you talk to Jeff or Amber, one of the first things you will notice is their genuine care for our beautiful campus and diverse community. Both professionals in their fields, Jeff and Amber work hard to ensure a safe, inviting and comfortable environment for everyone at UBC.

“What are we doing? Where can we improve?” Continuous improvement in action

Adam Rosenthal, Head, Tool Crib/Store Operator

Adam started at UBC as a Warehouse Clerk for UBC Bookstore in 2011 and moved into the role of Storeperson at Stores in UBC Facilities in 2016. Since then, through learning continuously, developing strong relationships and providing leadership, Adam has advanced his career from Acting Storekeeper, to Sub-Head to his current role — Head, Tool Crib/Store Operator.

Read more about how our people are making our plans a reality


Get involved

Plans are only as good as the people who bring them to life. Get to know the VPFO plan and see yourself in it and your work will become more connected to UBC and more vital.

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Download the
​VPFO Strategic Plan​

Our people are critical to our success and we invite you to consider what our plan means to you. For an overview of the vision, purpose, values and goals of the plan we invite you to download the 2022–24 VPFO Strategic Plan one-pager for a pdf overview.

Reflect on your role

We invite you to reflect on how your day-to-day work connects with our Strategic Plan. Ask yourself, or your team members: Which part of your role are you most proud of? What do VPFO’s Strategic Directions mean to you? How does our Strategic Plan help you grow personally and professionally?

Steamfitter making repairs

Staff talking the stairs and talking

How do you champion VPFO’s strategic plan?

What we do matters. We each play a role in enabling excellence in teaching, learning and research at UBC. Through sharing about your work and people, you can help other departments gain a better understanding of what you do, how you connect to others in the portfolio, and how your team helps move the strategic plan forward.

Complete our online interview to share your story and get involved.