Strategic Plan

The VPFO Strategic Plan 2022-2025 integrates with the UBC Strategic Plan and anticipates how UBC and its world will change and adapt well in advance, rather than having change thrust upon us. By taking a long-term perspective, the VPFO can look beyond our current capabilities to make decisions based on progress we expect to make over the life of the strategic plan.

Our plan and our people

The VPFO is made up of diverse, excellent individuals doing important work to support the university. Regardless of our roles in the VPFO, our work is directly aligned with the strategic priorities laid out in our Strategic Plan.

Through spotlighting champions of our strategic plan, we bring our strategy to life and tell the story of how VPFO teams drives the university forward through our new strategic directions.

Thomas Straley outside on the UBC campus

Thomas Straley, Accounts Payable Manager: Taking Accountability Personally

Some people are lucky enough to find their dream job early and follow that path all the way through their career — and with 20 years of experience specifically working in Accounts Payable (AP), Thomas Straley is one of them.

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Jen and the UBC campus in motion

Jen Sheel, Director, Municipal Services: Creating Inclusive Spaces Beyond the Public Realm

Jen takes pride in what her team does… and it shows. When you meet Jen Sheel, one of the first things you see is her dedication to making UBC a place that invites and builds connections.

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