Strategic Direction 3


Inside strategic direction 3:

Enhance our sustainability and financial accountability.​

The VPFO strategic plan allows us to see beyond our existing capabilities and empower decision-making that anticipates how we will change and adapt for the better. Strategic direction 3 outlines how we will act on our commitment to the climate, optimize our processes and operate in a transparent and accountable fashion.

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Goal 3.1

​​​Deliver on the Climate Action Plan measures and actions both for individuals and departments.

  1. ​Improve sustainability and reduce GHG emissions on campus and within the endowment by developing department-level plans.

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Goal 3.2

Optimize end-to-end business processes and IT systems.

  1. Optimize our processes to support regulatory/compliance requirements and enhance accountability.
  2. Optimize our investment in systems to gain efficiency and support our people.

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Goal 3.3

Enhance financial and operational transparency, accountability and risk mitigation.

  1. Balance our budgets by developing a plan to eliminate deficits by implementing operational efficiencies, adjusting service levels, or increasing or reallocating revenues/funding.
  2. Implement monthly financial statements and improve accuracy of financial forecasting for the university. ​
  3. Review and manage institutional risk relevant to the VPFO

We are the VPFO: building strategic direction 3

Learn how our people are making the VPFO’s Strategic Direction 3 come to life.

Forecasting for a solid future

Raffaela Mendel, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

Raffaela works with her team to ensure a sound financial position for UBC for generations to come. Read more about what it's like working in a team as diverse as Treasury, what respect means to her professionally, and how she drives the university forward as an analyst, learner and connector.

Building a more innovative campus — one project at a time

Aletha Utimati, Project Manager & Sandy Sull, Finance Manager, Project Accounting

A powerful duo in the VPFO, Aletha Utimati, a PMP-certified Project Manager and Sandy Sull, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) bring completely different expertise but share a vision for an innovative campus, a passion for collaboration, and the ability to shift gears and adapt quickly to build an amazing and engaging Vancouver campus.

Making accountability personal

Thomas Straley, Accounts Payable Manager

Thomas Straley — with 20 years of experience in Accounts Payable — is one of the lucky people who find their dream job early and build an endlessly rewarding career.

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Our strategic directions

The VPFO strategic plan allows us to see beyond our existing capabilities and empower decision-making that anticipates how we will change and adapt for the better. Our strategic plan contains specific strategic directions supported by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and specific action plans outlined below.

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Strategic Direction 1

To deliver our best for UBC, inspire, recruit, develop and support people, through a unified VPFO culture.

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Strategic Direction 2

Advance our culture of service, stewardship and continuous improvement.

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Strategic Direction 3

Enhance our sustainability and financial accountability.​