Finance & Integrated Services

We’re the team who partners with faculty and staff across all UBC campuses to develop and deliver strategic, sustainable solutions and resources. We help ensure you can source the goods and services at the best value and lowest risk. We’re also there to ensure we pay our faculty and staff accurately and on time.

Our team members are professionals whose goal is to provide customer-focused services to support the university community. You can look to us to help you achieve efficient and effective payroll, procurement, sourcing, and travel services — all while fostering opportunities for ongoing improvements.

We also help you navigate the complexities of managing the alignment of university policies and processes, grant agency obligations, and the broader regulatory and legislative landscape.

Other Units in Finance


The UBC Comptroller manages financial support across the University, and delivers key financial data and reporting to stakeholders.

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Treasury not only manages UBC’s assets, liabilities and risks, but also administers key fiscal programs and processes.

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