Submission Guidelines

Where do I send my VPFO news items?

Submit your story items using our online submission form. Please ensure your submission has been signed off by your manager, if required. If you have any questions or concerns about making a submission, email Chris Freek.

What will happen when I submit my story or event?

After a quick review and edit, your submission will be published to the relevant websites — usually within one or two business days. Please indicate on the submission form if your item is to be published on a specific date. Otherwise, your submission will automatically be included in the subsequent e-newsletter.

What is the submission deadline for the VPFO employee newsletter?

The VPFO employee newsletter is typically published every Monday. The best bet is to have your item submitted at least 1 week prior, but we’ll always do our best to make things work.

What kinds of news or events are published?

The VPFO  employee newsletter is designed to capture operational news for the VPFO portfolio. We include stories and events concerning programs, departments, and projects as well as job changes and staff achievements.

To be published news and events must reflect one of the following criteria:

  • Directly managed, produced, or hosted by a unit within the VPFO portfolio.
  • Presented by employees, to share their work in their unit and with other organizations or professional groups.
  • Be of direct interest or utility for the constituent groups of the VPFO

Examples of items include, stories highlighting teamwork, customer service, leadership, project updates, etc.

We do not directly publish posters, brochures, or other print items. We will link to them from a fully written story. To keep error to a minimum, we will not transcribe posters or brochures into the VPFO newsletter. That responsibility remains with you.

What is the word limit for news stories?

The suggested word limit is 50 words or less; with our focus on brevity, most stories link to an existing web page or document will all of the in-depth information.

Do I need consent for photos?

If you include a photo of staff, faculty, or students with your story, you need to have written consent form each person in the photo.

Why should I send my news items to the newsletter when I can send them by email myself?

Broadcast emails about one news item or event clutter our mailboxes and waste a lot of people’s time to reach the few people who really need the information. The format of the VPFO employee newsletter, with its easy-to-scan headlines, allows staff to look for news or events that are relevant to them.

What are some tips for writing my news story?

The e-newsletters are sent to all staff across the VPFO portfolio. There are many readers who may not have heard of your work. Write your story as though you are having a conversation with a friend or neighbour who doesn’t know what you do. You can do this by including a short summary of your program or service and eliminating as much jargon and as many acronyms as possible.

While you are writing your story, it is also good to keep in mind the 5 Ws of a news story:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • And often, how and how much

Your story should provide an opportunity for people engaged in similar projects or interested in similar issues to connect. Don’t forget to provide a link, either an email address or website, for readers to follow for more information.

Will my submissions appear in other publications?

Some stories that are of interest to other audiences will be considered for other publications, including:

  • Our public website at
  • UBC’s social media accounts
  • Information given by management in presentations, etc.

If your story is selected for one of these, the editor of that publication will contact you again to let you know that it has been re-published.