Finance & Operations Okanagan

As stewards of UBCs Okanagan campus, Finance & Operations Okanagan ensures the campus is an exceptional academic environment by managing the financial and operational aspects of campus life.

The University’s physical growth is guided by Finance & Operations Okanagan, to ensure adherence to UBC’s Okanagan campus master plan. Staying true to sustainability principles, Finance & Operations Okanagan provides a strong sense of place within the Okanagan landscape, as envisioned by UBC Okanagan’s Aspire report.

With approximately 150 staff members, the Finance & Operations Okanagan team works in six key administrative areas: Finance Operations, Finance Strategies, Campus Operations and Risk Management, Information Technology, Campus and Community Planning, and Business Operations.

Finance & Operations Okanagan provides the best possible environment to work, learn, and conduct research.

Finance & Operations Okanagan delivers strategic, efficient and timely administrative services, actively coordinates with the academic core to enhance campus life, and ensures UBC’s long-term fiscal and operational resilience.