VPFO Team Newsletter: September – October 2019


A new VPFO strategy kicks off a new school year

As you read in our VPFO News: Special Edition, we have a new strategic plan. The VPFO website is now updated to feature the plan and our work across the portfolio. You can start to take part: review the new strategic plan, talk to your VPFO team and peers about how the plan could affect your work, and update your email signature to show how you’re part of the VPFO.

Read on to learn more about how our work enables UBC.

Our Stories
Update on UBCO Campus Planning, Infrastructure Development, and Campus Operations & Risk Management
Campus leadership has approved the creation of an Infrastructure Development function for UBCO to help maximize our ability to support future growth through realigning ourselves. There will be changes across Campus Planning, Campus Operations & Risk Management, and Infrastructure Development.
UBC Expands Occupational First Aid Program on Vancouver campus
All faculty, staff and student-staff on UBC’s Vancouver campus can now enlist the help of the UBC Occupational First Aid Team, 24 hours a day. Call 604-822-4444 for assistance.
A Reminder to “Sort it Out” — UBCO Sustainability Office Partners with Students on Renewed Campaign
This fall the Sustainability Office on UBC’s Okanagan campus partnered with a team of fourth-year geography students to renew awareness of the importance of “Sorting it Out” when it comes to waste management.
Join UBC in the 2019 United Way Campaign
Every year, almost 800 UBC staff and faculty donate to the UBC United Way campaign. This October you can support the university’s only board-approved charity by becoming a UBC United Way donor.
Building Operations Labour Division now named Streets & Operations Support
Previously known as B.O.L.D, the name change more suitably represents the roles and responsibilities of this Municipal unit, supporting UBC across the Vancouver campus.
UBC bioenergy facility acts as Living Lab for climate change leadership
Energy & Water Services had an operational need to provide heat to the university community and reduce emissions, and researchers in the Faculty of Applied Sciences had an interest in related research. Together, they were able to create a platform where not only operational goals of reduced greenhouse-gas emissions, operational efficiencies and reduce costs were achieved, but researchers were given direct access to lab space within the facility for collaboration on initiatives for mutual benefit.


Planning for disaster a campus-wide initiative for UBC Vancouver
Perched on an isolated cliff-top peninsula, surrounded by ocean, and separated from Vancouver’s urban core by a sprawling, lush rain-forest, UBC falls outside the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction. As a result, the university is responsible for the types of services most universities typically don’t manage — including staffing and sourcing their own emergency response operations (with the exception of police, fire and ambulance).


Training & Events
Oct 29 – Nov 7
Who wants a hug from a bug? Get your free flu shot!
Boost your wellbeing and promote a healthy campus by getting your free flu shot at the UBC Flu Clinic — it’s your best protection against the flu.
October 31
See UBC’s new HR and Finance system in action

This demo-style event is open to all UBC faculty and staff who want to learn more about the new HR and Finance system (Workday) being implemented in April 2020, as part of the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP).

At this event, you’ll learn why UBC has embarked on a journey to transform its systems and processes and how faculty and staff can expect to benefit. You will also have the opportunity to see what Workday looks like through a series of live demos.


November 1 – 30
Celebrating 10 years of Thrive at UBC
We all have mental health and we all benefit from building and maintaining our mental health year-round. Explore your path to mental health during Thrive month.
November 4
Health and safety training course to be required for VPFO supervisors
At the VPFO, we live and breathe safety. It’s a key part of our strategic priorities to inspire great people and lead operational excellence. By December 31, all supervisors at UBCV must have completed the Safety Supervision at UBC course. If you’re a supervisor, please take the course and become familiar with the information.
November 26
Communications brand workshop for VPFO content producers

Do you regularly compile content for reports or newsletters, or send out updates or notifications to a broad audience on behalf of the VPFO? Come hear Carolyn Ali, Creative Writer from UBC Brand & Marketing, as she helps us all improve how we connect with our readers.

This semi-annual brand workshop, hosted by the VPFO Communications & Engagement team, is for administrators, leaders and anyone with a day-to-day communications task to learn, connect, and share ideas with peers across the VPFO portfolio.


People of the VPFO
“Don’t spend time and effort worrying about things out of your control. Focus on the things you can affect and everything else will work itself out.”
Get to know Alfie Penfold, Communications Specialist with VPFO Communications & Engagement
It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. It’s Alfie! Joining us from the UK, Alfie Penfold is here to support Communications in Safety & Risk Services and share a chuckle or two.
Rae Ann Aldridge appointed as Executive Director, Safety & Risk
In her new role, Rae Ann will be charged with working across campus to enhance UBC’s safety and security. She will be responsible for leading Safety & Risk Services, a new department which is the result of a merger between Risk Management Services and Campus Security.
Dawn Jia Announced as President and CEO of UBC IMANT
In her role, Dawn will be responsible for the overall investment management of UBC IMANT’s portfolios, including the selection and oversight of institutional investment fund managers, and ensuring that UBC IMANT’s strategic and operating objectives are achieved.
Jenniffer Sheel promoted as Director, Municipal Services in Building Operations
Under Jenniffer’s leadership, the Municipal division will continue to proactively and cost-effectively manage the operations and maintenance of all assets on the UBC Vancouver campus, creating enriching and inviting spaces both inside and outside.
Chris Freek Appointed as Director of Communications & Engagement for the VPFO portfolio
The VPFO is pleased to announce that Chris Freek will be expanding in his role as part of the Executive team for the VPFO portfolio.
Janice Weigel Announced as Senior Director, Strategic and Operational Performance
Janice will work across the VPFO to analyze key operational performance metrics and determine how we can create and deliver synergies, both structurally and operationally. As we progress, she will take on additional responsibilities for continuous improvement across UBC.
Ian Robinson Joins Treasury as Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis
Ian joined the university on August 27 and will continue building and refining the university’s long-term financial model, along with providing analytical support for other strategic initiatives across campus.

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