Monday Update

Managing Your Mental Health

HR has collected a great set of mental health resources to help you manage the ups and downs of our COVID-19 experience. Our VPFO HR staff is on campus every day for confidential conversations. See below for this week’s HR duty roster.

A few of the courses and resources available to you:

Last week’s updates from UBC

General updates about UBC and its response to COVID-19 continue to be updated at

Department updates


  • Workday Security Roles: The mapping of Workday finance security roles is now complete for the VPFO. If you have any questions please contact your finance director.


Finance – Comptroller, Finance & Operational Excellence, and Treasury

  • Finance Update: The central finance teams (Treasury, Comptroller, and Finance & Operational Excellence) have developed a weekly message called Finance Update that will be sent each Friday to consolidate and streamline communications to UBC’s finance community. If you did not receive the distribution but would like to be included in the future, please email
  • Changes to Travel, Expenses, and Credit Cards: Business processes relating to travel, expenses, and credit cards will change with the launch of Workday on November 2, 2020. Learn more in the Preparing for Workday section of the UBC Finance website (CWL required).
  • Introducing Hyperion 2.0: To support planning and forecasting activities within Workday, a new instance of Hyperion has been created — Hyperion 2.0. Visit the Preparing for Workday section of the UBC Finance website for more information, as well as details of upcoming workshops (CWL required).


IRP/AEP/ISC – Integrated Renewal Program, Application Ecosystem Program, Integrated Service Centre

  • Welcome ISC Team Members: Over the last few months, the ISC team has been working hard to prepare for the launch of Workday and its sustaining organization, the Integrated Service Centre (ISC). The newest members of the ISC team have been announced on the IRP website.
  • Workday Basics Training Contest: UBC faculty, staff, and student employees who have completed the Workday Basics training course at any point before September 30 will be automatically entered into a draw to win a prize. Learn more on the IRP website.

Operations & Advising — Communications & Engagement and Human Resources

  • VPFO HR on-site support schedule this week:
    • September 21: Gregor Macdonald
      September 22: Arvind Kang, Kasia Burza
      September 23: Kasia Burza
      September 24: Matt Furgal, Rachel Lau
      September 25: Rachel Lau

SRS Updates

  • Non-medical Masks at UBC: To support the change in the COVID-19 Campus Rules around non-medical masks, you can find more information about masks, including FAQs about the new rule on the SRS website. If you have any additional questions please send them to
  • ShakeOut 2020: Each year thousands of people across BC take part in the annual ShakeOut earthquake drill and this year is no different. On October 15th between 10:00 and 10:20, SRS’s Emergency Management team will be hosting a virtual ShakeOut drill via Zoom to help you prepare for an earthquake. Register for the event here.


Other notable updates


September 30 is an annual day to recognize and raise awareness about the residential school system in Canada, join together in the spirit of reconciliation, and honour the experiences of Indigenous Peoples by talking about the day, wearing orange, and learning more.


UBC Cybersecurity and UBC IT Communication & Collaboration Services will be launching a new email security enhancement on September 28, 2020, targeting emails that originate from outside the university.


Helpful news

People have been suggesting news articles that they have found informative or helpful at work. These are provided for information and entertainment only. Unless noted, UBC doesn’t specifically endorse or supply editorial to this content.

  • Need a little more desktop real estate, or just tired of hunching over a small screen all day? Here’s how to give your back—and eyes—a break. Wired Magazine has some advice on how to use a second monitor or screen with your laptop.
  • Directives aren’t particularly effective in driving sustained behavior change because we all like to feel as if we are in control of our choices. So if telling people what to do doesn’t work, what does? Rather than trying to persuade people, getting them to persuade themselves is often more effective. Here are three ways to do that courtesy of the Harvard Business Review.

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