Our Strategy in Action — Our New VPFO Feature Series

This September the VPFO launched a Strategic Plan that articulates our vision for our portfolio and shares our priorities for the next few years. To illustrate that vision, and the values and priorities that go with it, we’ve launched a quarterly story series that looks at the connection between people on our VPFO team, and how their individual efforts enable us to collectively support excellence in learning and research at UBC.

I invite you to read the first feature in this series below, and take a closer look at how people from across the VPFO Facilities, Finance, and SRS teams keep UBC Vancouver’s complex water system flowing safely, reliably, and sustainably. The featured colleagues represent us all and demonstrate the impact we have on the university, and the students, faculty, and staff who make up our community.

We will be widely promoting this story series, so expect to see it and yourselves across UBC over the next year.


Water is a crucial resource at UBC, for basic human needs and to support research and operations. The simple act of turning on a tap to access a safe and reliable water supply is something students, faculty, and staff depend on each and every day. But the story of how water gets to UBC’s Vancouver campus — and what happens when it gets here — is much more complex than most of us understand.