EDI 101: Introductory Series

The VPFO EDI has developed an introductory series to help you kickstart your Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) journey.

This series will introduce you to basic EDI concepts, deepen your understanding of the ways in which EDI is relevant to our community, and help prepare you for conversations around important topics, which may not always be comfortable but are crucial to create a more open and inclusive work environment at UBC.

  1. What is a land acknowledgement and how do you do it?
  2. Intersectionality: What is it and why it matters
  3. Systemic racism: What it looks like in Canada and how to fight it?  
  4. How do we overcome our fear of talking about racism
  5. Microaggressions Part 1: What are they, how are they harmful and what to do if you commit one?
  6. Microaggressions Part 2: How can you respond to microaggressions?
  7. How can you be an effective ally?
  8. How do we foster cultural safety in the workplace?

We also post regular EDI content! Visit our EDI Updates page regularly for updates on our progress as a portfolio, helpful resources, and feature stories of how EDI at UBC comes to life through our day-to-day work.