Workforce Planning

With the number of change initiatives in progress and on the horizon, as well as the launch of the VPFO’s new strategic plan, it is vitally important that the VPFO works in coordination across our portfolio to support our workforce and maintain operational efficiency. To this end the portfolio is initiating a workforce planning process that will examine what work we are doing, what skills we need, and what talent we have to help us plan for a successful future.

The workforce planning process is an established methodology that includes:

  • An analysis of existing related activities happening in different pockets of the portfolio (e.g. performance conversation structures on current work or performance development conversations about how you and your team may want to change).
  • Assessing what roles and skills (knowledge, abilities and experience) are needed for future work.
  • Aligning current skills to future work, to ensure we have an accurate view of how to develop everyone to be successful in the future.
  • Ensuring financially prudent decisions about what work we should be doing.

Workforce planning happens in parallel to the business planning process which makes a concrete plan for the work we will undertake to achieve our strategic priorities.